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I'm Trudi and I am a celebrant with Humanists U.K. 

I live on a boat with my partner who looks rather appropriately like a pirate and our scruffy, yappy, stinky old dog Boris (no relation...) on the river Soar in the Midlands. I have recently made the decision to leave teaching English Literature after ten years but I am still passionate about reading and sharing my love of books so will be starting a new job as a librarian (SHUSH!) as soon as this horrible lockdown has ended. I adore music and love nothing more than stumbling around festivals in the early hours making friends with total strangers. On a less exciting day, I am trying my hardest to embrace veganism (shakes angry fist at too-tempting Brie) wild swimming in the river, sampling gin and trying to teach my elderly parents how to Skype. I am utterly obsessed with every random dog in the world and if I ever win the lottery, will be installing a Puppy Room in all of my many homes dotted around the globe. (That and dodgems in my extensive gardens.) 

If you choose me as your celebrant, I want you to know that I will be with you every step of the way to make sure that your ceremony is a true reflection of the two of you and what your marriage means to you both. If you want to celebrate your love 200 feet above ground  in a hot air balloon, I'm your woman. If you want your pet hawk to be the ring-bearer, I'm there. If you want to skateboard down a half-pipe, I'm fully on board (although someone will need to hold my hand) Weddings don't need to be religious to be meaningful and I promise you, it will be all the more special because it will be all about you! 

In the coming months, I will be available to conduct funerals and naming ceremonies and whilst some celebrants choose to keep these services separate, I hope that all that I have written above would still apply. I truly believe that funerals should be a celebration of a life, a reflection of passions and loves. Punk funeral? OH YES PLEASE!  Memorial service on the top of a windy cliff? Absolutely. This is our last chance to show our loved one that we knew, understood and embraced their passions. so let's see them out with a bang rather than a sniffle. I know that's how I would want to go. 

My naming ceremonies (available late summer 2021) will again be truly unique to suit your family. However you want to celebrate your new addition, from tree-planting to full orchestral recital, and everything in-between, I will be there every step of the way ensuring that your special day as a new family is one you will all cherish. 

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