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No longer a spinster of the parish.

We only bloody did it. We finally got married! Like many of you, I spent months planning our wedding and takeaway pizza and doughnuts served straight from the box was NOT what I had in mind...but it honestly didn't matter one tiny bit. Thirteen guests (the maximum allowed) all masked and thoroughly sanitised, followed by a car-park reception, and a few socially distanced photographs by the wonderful Ian at I.C.Things Photography suddenly seemed the most perfect way to spend our day. Our seven children came back to the boat for cake (made by my bezzer) and by 7pm, we were snuggled up on the sofa with a bottle of champagne, covered in pizza stains, slightly tipsy and grinning like a pair of lunatics. So..don't let the glossy magazines, Mrs.Next Door, your future mother-in-law or anyone else decide what is and what isn't right for you. This is your day! Do what feels right for you! I am always inspired by the (sadly ill-fated) wedding of Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes who, despite their millions, treated their wedding guests to sausage and mash in their local pub. And why bloody not?

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